Monday, March 26, 2018


We've just finished our Clay Bobble Heads unit in art.
We start by coming up with 3 ideas for our clay bobble heads, and then we pick one of them. Next, we started to make pinch pots for our clay heads (a pinch pot is like a clay bowl, we need 2 pinch pots for our clay heads), then we make details for our clay heads and slip & score it on (Slip is clay glue, it's basically clay mixed with water. Scoring is like scratching the clay to make it bumpy because smooth clay don't like to stick to smooth clay.). After that, we make the body for our clay bobble heads. The body if very similar to the head, but you have to have a chopstick holder inside the body so you could put a chopstick in and connect it with the body. After you added the details, the head and body goes inside the oven to get cooked. Some people's details fell off (NOT mine), but they glued it back on. Then, we glaze our clay bobble heads so it will have some color. We put 2-3 layers of glaze on our head & body so the clay won't show through the clay. After the head and body is glazed, the clay bobble head goes back in the oven to cook. when the head and body goes out of the oven, we cut a chopstick to the perfect length and hot glue it into the chopstick holder. Next, we wrap a piece of wire on a chopstick to make a spring. And after the spring is done, we glue the spring onto the chopstick and connect the head and body. After you finished that, you are done.

I think the Clay Bobble Heads unit was very fun and I learned alot in that unit. I learned about pinch pots, coils, slip & score (Maybe?), etc. And if I can make another clay bobble head, I will glaze it more carefully because I didn't glaze every part of my clay bobble head, and somehow a bit of the glaze went to a place they are not supposed to be in. I still think I did quite well in this unit.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Our new unit in grade 5 is PYP exhibition, and we started it a few weeks ago.
We first went on a mystery field trip with groups and learned about what happens there. We also have guest speaker who come and speak about their passion during class time so we can learn about their passion and try to make our exhibition amazing.
After that, we got to find out who in in our group, what SDG we are doing, and who our mentor are.
We got into our group and share ideas about what we are going to do for our exhibition, my group are doing SDG 5, which is gender equality. My group is thinking of changing the bathroom signs so it won't bother people who have different gender identities, then we came up with a central idea and lines of inquiry. after all that work, we ended our 3rd week with a reflection.
I think I did well with researching and working with my group, but I think I could try harder with coming up with the central idea.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Our new unit in U.O.I is governace, there a monachy, anarchy, dictatorship... and our class made our own goverment with Benjamin as president and Azediwa as vice president. After that was decided, we reasearched about our role and shared them with the whole class. I (sadly) am not a minister, so I reasearched about the role of a citizen.
Here are the ministers:
Anna Ly

The goverment will last all unit.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

UOI reflection

Day 1 Reflection
A monarchy means a kindom with a king/queen.
In a monarchy the citizens have to respect the king/queen.
The government has to listen to the king/queen and tell the citizen what to
A monarchy is successful if/when the king/queen rule the kindom very well and
the citizens are happy and respects them.
personal comment
Being a part of a monarchy made me feel wierd but happy.
I would change the way I treated the king
I would keep listening to the goverment and do what they say.
A colour I would choose to represent monarchy would be yellow.
A symbol I would choose to represent monarchy would be a king's crown.
An image I would choose to represent monarchy would be a king talking to the

Day 2 Reflection  “Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, 'Who'd fix the sewers?'”
An anarchy means a kindom without a king/queen
In an anarchy the citizens have to plan what they do.
The government has to try their best to organize the kindom.
An anarchy is successful if/when the citizens know what to do and listens to
the goverment.
personal comment
Being a part of anarchy made me feel very joyful
I would change the way I act and plan&do things I should do.
I would keep the I treated the goverment.
A colour I would choose to represent anarchy would be green
A symbol I would choose to represent anarchy would be a free bird
An image I would choose to represent anarchy would be people having fun
and being free.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vietnamese Story

I made a story in Vietnamese class, it's about a monkey called Bubu who is not healthy and had to go to the doctor. HERE is my story.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Maker Day 2017

Today is maker day! But grade 5 went into their power source group (I'm in hydro) and start working on creating their model to present on shark tank, someone started a conversation about which power source is going to win, it's really annoying because I'm getting a lot of notification on my email. My group built a water turbine, there was a few problems with our water turbine:
We first built it with wooden spoons, a motor, cardboard, light bulb, hot glue, and sticky tape. But when we test it, it ended up being wet and soggy, the motor and the cardboard fell off because the motor was stuck in place by sticky tape, and the cardboard was not waterproof, the light bulb on the end didn't light up, the teacher said it's because the water was not strong enough. My group had to change the cardboard to wood, the process was quite hard because we had to peel the cardboard off and it's stuck in place by hot glue. I got burned by the hot glue gun when I was sticking on the wood, but we fixed it at last. 

My group didn't have time to test our new water turbine, we were waiting for the hot glue to dry when my teacher told us to tidy up. Minh (a person in my group) still wanted to test it out even when the teacher told us to tidy up. Building this model was very fun, but I would still want to have the normal maker day other people in other grades are having, and next time I would be more focused and careful when I'm building it so I won't burn myself with the hot glue gun, and I would try to build it faster so I'll have time to test it.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


I have another blog called Notable, I'm making it with Anna Ly and Olivia, make sure you check out their blogs too! HERE is the link to Notable! Make sure you follow it because it is so AMAZING! Thx (if you'll follow it)!